Saturday, September 21, 2019

MySQL Server Performance Tuning: The Perfect Scalability

When data and concurrency grow, together with queries complexity, a standard configuration does not fit anymore. This content walks through the ways MySQL has to adapt to an ever-increasing amount of data in context of tuning, under the heading “multiplication”:
—Scaling up through partitioning and how partitioning can help manage/archive data
—How to relocate binlog, undo, redo, tablespaces, or disk temporary tables and more on different mount points to take advantage of multiple storages and tackle I/O bottlenecks
—All improvements to parallel slave replication
—A quick OS approach, to verify swapping and affinity tuning take the most out of the machine.

All of this with different approaches to monitor the instance to spot what parts of the system and what queries need to be considered, mainly using:

Sys Schema
Global Status

I presented this content at last Oracle Open World 2019 as a Hands-On Lab.

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