Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Top 5 Things to Consider to Get Started with MySQL Performance Tuning

Today I'll share a few slides I prepared last year for a presentation delivered at Oracle Open World. This is a quick and easy hands-on lab for fresh MySQL Server DBAs. I chose 5 among the most relevant topics when tuning and scaling a MySQL Server using InnoDB tables.

In particular, in this hands-on, I will talk about:
  • Scaling connections
  • The threads model
  • InnoDB REDO log
  • InnoDB Buffer Pool
  • The Execution plan

MySQL Performance Tuning 101 from Mirko Ortensi

Rate at which MySQL is delivering new features and improvements is impressive, in fact MySQL Server 8 boosts performance in many fields, especially regarding InnoDB REDO logging. Hence while the rest of recommendations still apply for new MySQL Server 8, the tuning REDO log flushing strategy is not mandatory anymore to achieve an improved throughput starting from MySQL 8. Improvements in such a field are mentioned by this blog post edited by Dimitri Kravtchuk, MySQL Performance Architect at Oracle MySQL (Twitter).

For an overview of optimization techniques, I recommend having a look at official documentation.

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