Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Untouchables, shocking project by Erik Ravelo

Today I bumped into this project from the Cuban artist Erik Ravelo to raise awareness on abuses that are committed by society against children.

First image is referring to scandals related to pedophilia committed by Catholic church
Second image refers to sexual tourism in Thailand
Third image refers to war in Siria
Fourth image refers to organs traffic in poor countries, in which first victims are children
Fifth image refers to free and non controlled weapon license in the States
Sixth image refers to large food distributions that targeted children with low quality aliments (fast foods) causing obesity

I posted this image in my Facebook account and received different comments, some agreeing that strong message is delivered. According to some other friend, this project is disrespectful with Catholic people.
My first feeling is that a lot of painful truth is portrayed here, it makes one think.

See the whole project here

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