Thursday, January 17, 2013

The creative process

Companies spend a lot of money in finding the best creative people, strategists, advertisers and brilliant —and expensive— talents. Besides, you can find hundreds of resources dealing with the challenge of thinking different, self-improvement trainings, coaching sessions, brainstorming exercises, breaking ways of working... Actually some tutorials may be really inspiring, and the more material you collect, the more aware you are about the behaviors to maintain and to avoid in order to enhance your inspiration.

But never forget, that a relaxed attitude often helps to have the possibility to produce wonderful combinations and the craziest ideas. This is the reason why people have great ideas in the bathroom. So take your time and experiment, mix experiences from different environment and increase your background, even randomly. You can never tell where that astonishing discovery may hide. Live.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

iPad update and family quarrel

My mother sustains that my father —he's 73 years old and owner of his first Internet connected device ever since August: the new iPad— only wanted to "have that red spot disappear" (the notification of firmware update). She also added that she's upset because in the last four months he's been stuck to his iPad the whole day, and that he gets angry at the tablet because he wants to learn more and more but he still commits errors.

My father replies this is not true and that he uses the iPad just from time to time along the day to discover what sickness is associated to his symptoms.
My mother sustains he's lying, and that he's getting day by day more nervous and that at his age he shouldn't spend his whole time in front of a screen.

The New iPad: linking generations

She tells me, in an underhand manner, that he was updating the firmware and had a terrible panic attack when the iPad wouldn't switch on. He got angry and started shuddering and sweating. Then, with the intention to go straight to the first electronics shop to have it fixed, she tried to retain him on the door suggesting to call me (an engineer) looking for a suggestion.

She says, I notice her touched voice on the phone shaking, that he wouldn't because I would laugh at him, and it seems like he whispered her "Go to Hell" leaving the house angry to go to the shop. I have been informed that the shop didn't know how to manage the issue.

My father admits that tomorrow he will have his iPad back in his hands. His son suggested him to bring the iPad to Apple assistance center next to the house.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Extraordinariness is not ordinary

Who has ever been ackowledged for doing something the extraordinary way —a great speech, a performance or a job— surely remembers that occasion with delight. Every once in a while, he enjoys the memory of that sublime moment and possibly wonder what was so determining to have himself covered with glory. And maybe one might wish to find out the recipe to repeat those brilliant actions to ensure success over and over again.

What is extraordinariness like.

It is what goes beyond, the result that nobody ever imagined might be possible. It is not a matter of exceeding expectation. It means astonishing people thanks to the impact of the unexpected and the anxiety of perfection; it is scaring, provocative, surprising and uncomfortable. It makes you jump off the chair.

It is freedom from the chains of common sense, it is the conclusion nobody was waiting for. And maybe when nobody was even expecting a conclusion to come.

Free initiave out of schemas is extraordinariness. In a world that promotes team work, collaborative environments, factotum employees and supportive behaviours, the outcome of the artist is extraordinariness, it is the production of the creative mind doing it all the indipendent way, out there alone.

Tell me what is the extraordinary behaviour like.

Acting extraordinarily is thinking different, acting different and telling a different story. It is being weird, strange, unrelated and breaking that shape that defines yourself. Extraordinary people do not think outside of the box, they live in a world where boxes do not exist.

Walking the path nobody has ever walked yet is extraordinary; not just breaking rules nor shaping them because new times have come.

The extraordinary place is not the place of "well done" nor of "huge contribution": talent, effort, patience and constance are enough for a good job.

Only the brave lives in an extraordinary place and may feel the slight and unbearable vibration of the extraordinariness, because for him, rules haven't been written yet.