Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ode to the motorway idiot

I like driving, and although I am living in Madrid with just a vintage Vespa (dated 1999, not so vintage maybe), when I get back to Italy it's lovely to rescue my loyal car and drive throughout the countryside, on a sunny day, probably going to the beach.

But if I happen to drive on the motorway, and take my time to reach the destination, it's quite probable that an idiot will get glued to my back and start flashing headlights to push me out of the lane and pass me.

You know perfectly well the category of imbecile, the typical one with a big car, BMW, Mercedes or Audi; most often a SUV, who thinks he's the master of the road and bother you when you're calmly trying to pass a queue of trucks on the acceleration lane.

So this morning I felt inspired and wrote this ode.

Ode to the motorway idiot

Night-time I drive my car and feel so fine
no need to rush the route is long and dark,
but soon I see two brilliant lights that shine:
they're not two stars, it's just the usual shark.

No matter if I drive polite my way,
there'll always be an idiot stuck behind
who flashes headlights close, he can't avoid.

There's something here to say,
this kind of people makes me hate mankind.
Keep a safe distance, do not get me annoyed.

It's my first ode! Just one stanza, I hope you'll like it!


  1. thanks for sharing it and please keep doing this good job .