Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ryan Air, how travel teaches toleration (Benjamin Disraeli)

My travel starts from the very web page, when I have to buy my flight for my weekend to Las Palmas de Gran Canarias.

Hey darling! There's a 60 euros offer! Proceed, go on, buy it, make it yours, fast fast, click click, come on, otherwise the price will inflate!

Run, run; come on, come on; yes, no, yes, I don’t want any assurance, no I don’t want to not buy the premium “Les grands VIP” for entering the plane first. 
Shame, that means I want it. No, I don’t want it. Help, call me an engineer!

How many bags? One, no? 10 kilos? Yes of course, day by day, flight by flight I look like Michelin man hiding sausages in my pockets. What if it does not fit? I’m getting nervous. I am sweating.

Do I want the car? No, love walking. We love walking, isn’t it darling?
Relax. It’s done, it’s the confirmation screen. Whaaaaat? Ten euros to use my Visa? Hold on, I’ll bring them money personally. Breath deeply and pay.
I have it, 120 euros flight is mine. Wasn’t it 60 euros? No, I dreamt of it.

It’s done, if you have your check in tickets, you think you’re done! You are wrong.


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