Thursday, October 27, 2011

Strategies to get up in the morning

Today I want to talk about the probably hardest of all the challenges you might think of and the most difficult defiant moment of the whole day, especially during winter time, when the bitterly cold temperature of your room makes nearly impossible the mission number one. To get up in the morning.

If you feel lonely, sad and abandoned in that difficult moment, I want you to know that you are not alone. I share with you the sensation that sometimes getting up in the morning is really hard.
And it's even worse if you did not sleep that fine or you have to get up for a meeting that requires you to be on time and brilliant.

Then let me suggest a few strategies to consider if you want to start the day in a better way.
  1. Set the alarms clock one and half hour before getting up
    I used to set the clock so early because realizing that I might spend one hour and half more in the bed, was really great. Once you wake up, set the clock again 90 minutes later and you're done. Moreover, according to investigations, 90 minutes is the perfect duration for a satisfactory nap and sleeping time should always be in multiples of that. Read more here.
  2. Always stretch your body in the bed before getting up
    I really can't get out of bed as soon as the alarm rings. I stretch the whole body, then start making some deep breathings. 
  3. Provide your room is warm enough
    Quite obvious, isn't it? Do you know anybody who loves to wake up with polar temperatures? I assure you that spending a bit more on heating is definitely worth.
  4. Take your time: breakfast and news
    It just applies in case you don't have to wake up childrens, bring them to school or walk your dog. With this idea in your mind, you'll feel that self care comes before your work.
  5. Drink liters of coffee or tea
    Pretty self explanatory, of course.
  6. Get up earlier than due, have breakfast, then go to sleep again
    This is my favourite. It has happened to me a few times; I woke up earlier to finish some work but after breakfast (and coffee) I was not that brilliant. Then going back to bed with clear conscience solved the problem. 
I am used to get up between 8:30 and 9:00. I admit that I am a lucky man, because I get advantage of flexitime at work, besides working at home from time to time. Teleworking and flexitime are probably the main indicators of good quality in your life. I believe that all companies should introduce these measures to improve quality of life. Besides, performance is often amplified by having satisfied employees. 

Tell your boss.

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