Monday, October 31, 2011

Behaviours to avoid in an airport. Please.

I use to fly from 10 to 15 times a year, often to go and visit my family in Italy.
From Madrid, the city where I live, it's not a long journey. A little bit more than a couple of hours to reach the nearest airport. Besides visits to Italy, I happen to travel for both business and pleasure.

Today I'll write down just a few typical behaviours I noticed in travellers; behaviours that can be surprising.

  • In absence of finger connecting to the plane, people struggle to overtake you on the way to the plane.
    Typical situations are those of low cost companies: the bus takes you next to the plane, then smart people run faster than you just to arrive first to the plane stairway. Optionally they may look at you out of the corner of their eye while running. As if there were a prize in the plane for the first to come in. These are among the funniest human behaviours you may meet in your life.
    A variation: people trying to overtake you in the very finger connecting the plane to the airport. Yes, I have experienced it. I won't formulate further comment on that.
  • After landing, people coming from rear seats won't let you come out from your row to head to the exit (on the top of the plane). 
    I mean, I won't understand sudden claustrophobia so I am not really tolerant to this. I mean, why should I wait for anybody from behind when I come logically and physically before you? I understand you're in a hurry but try to take advantage of instinct, or at least intuition. And if you miss these qualities, shame on you. 
  • People think they're smarter and will try to jump the queue at the check in. 
    I've seen all sort of excuses, but this subgroup coming from an unknown branch in the human species should become extinct for the wellness of mankind.
  • Groups of people standing in the plane and talking loud as if having a beer in the pub. 
    This is less serious, but equally annoying. This is not a pub, it is a flight, let me relax.

Now seriously. If you recognize yourself in one of these behaviours, re-consider them when flying!

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