Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Starting from the end: making plans for the present

Today a colleague told the participants to a meeting at work a metaphor about life and people's aspirations. To be more precise, a metaphor to a better comprehension of one's objective.
The story started like this:

"Put yourself in the mood you are going to a funeral, therefore imagine yourself well-dressed, parking your car in front of the church and entering. The church is really crowded, but you can take a seat next to the entrance, where there are still some free seats. The church is silent and rows of candles extend along the lateral naves. The atmosphere is quite solemn and people are concentrated on the celebration. You sit down, and observe the situation. Try to feel it, make it real in your imagination.
After a while, you realize the funeral is yours. You are that dead man, closed into the coffin and awaiting the last goodbye. Then imagine the situation, four people are giving speeches to remember the defunct, that is you. They are:

- a relative of yours, not your close family, but an uncle, a cousin or whatever;
- a colleague,
- a friend,
- the priest.

According to you, what would their words be, what would they say to honour your memory?"

Now, try to relax and imagine this situation. Think of it just a couple of minutes then ask yourself:

- If  I died tomorrow, what would their speeches be like?
- Would they say those things I imagined or maybe not?

This simple exercise, according to my opinion, provokes a reflection on our vital satisfaction and maybe provides an indirect question: "How far am I from reaching my objectives  Am I moving along the right path or should I change anything to pursue my targets?"

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