Monday, September 19, 2011

On unlocking new products potential

Here I am back from vacation ready to write down some notes for whom might be interested in taking advantage of them. In this blog I don't pretend to invent anything, I just want to summarize my and other's ideas, to develop concepts and simply remember interesting stuff.

To start with something practical and hopefully useful, I'll report an article from @MikeDalton I was just reading. This is about points to take in consideration when releasing an innovative product.
  1. What is the power of the new technology?
  2. What current limitation or barrier does the new technology eliminate or vastly reduce?
  3. What policies, norms and behavior patterns are used today to bypass the limitation?
  4. What policies, norms and behavior patterns should be used once the new technology is in place?
  5. In view of the above, what changes/additions to the new technology should be introduced?
  6. How to cause the change?
Follow this link to read more about the reflections implied in these questions.

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